With programs for educational institutions and private users, the ARGE Lehmbau - BOKU offers training for a wide group of interested people of different levels of education. Special attention is given to the young audience with appropriate educational programs.

What is it all about?

Growing interest in building material clay and a growing understanding of its ecological importance provide special significance to a broad educational program. The present program addresses the general public as well as existing training centres, ranging from information courses to practical training. Depending on the program, the content of the course includes different aspects, such as raw material, construction techniques, building ecology, earth building history, conservation, and historical and modern building construction.

Children and young people are offered their own courses, which are adapted to the respective age group.

Training centres. Where is teaching conducted?

The internships are practice-oriented and require an appropriate location. Training centres are the Museumsdorf (open air museum) Niedersulz in the Weinviertel and the open air museum in Strážnice, where facilities for training and clay sites with 1:1 models of historical clay building techniques are available. The Kinder UNI and academic courses take place at the respective universities (BOKU Vienna) and TU Vienna (TUW) in cooperation with the Museumsdorf Niedersulz.

The Lehmbau BOKU team is at your disposal for course details and general questions.